Download: RFP Technical Assistance for Development of Region 6 Coordinated Community Plan 2019

Technical Assistance for the Development of a Coordinated Community Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness within Ohio Region 6 that includes Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, and Tuscarawas County.

This Request for Proposal seeks interested and qualified Applicants to assist the Community Action Agency of Columbiana County, Inc.(CAA) in the development and implementation of a plan that will gather data on homeless youth; inventory system capacity; analyze the unmet need for youth and young adult programs; lead efforts to improve coordination and increase collaboration; design innovative approaches and recommend programs to address gaps in residential emergency, transition, and permanent housing; and improve stakeholder, partner and community engagement through development of a Coordinated Community Plan to prevent and eliminate youth homelessness within Region 6.

• The Request for Proposal (RFP) Package will be available beginning, October 22, 2019.
• Interested parties my contact CAA via email at to request a copy to be sent via US mail or electronic format.
• Visit the CAA website at to download a copy of the RFP.
• Completed proposals must be submitted no later than 4pm on November 8, 2019. They may be mailed to: Community Action Agency Attn: Martina Grimm 7880 Lincole Place Lisbon, Ohio 44432 or sent via email to It is the burden of the applicant to ensure that completed proposals have been received by CAA prior to the due date.

To provide for open competition for professional services whereby, at a minimum, competitors’ qualifications are evaluated (cost/price will be an evaluation factor), and once a firm or individual is tentatively selected, fair and reasonable compensation is negotiated. We are, therefore, inviting interested individuals and firms to submit evidence of their professional qualifications, evidence of capacity to perform duties as outlined in the Scope of Services and Deliverables included within this statement, and a written statement of commitment that also proposed cost/price for services for one year beginning with the execution of a contract.

It is our intent to give reasonable consideration to at least three firms and/or individuals based on their qualifications and cost/price proposals so as to have one or several alternative candidates that could be asked to enter into negotiations, if negotiations with the preferred candidate(s) are not satisfactory. All applications will be evaluated by the CAA of Columbiana County, Inc. and the Youth Homeless Demonstration Program (YHDP) team.

The following pages provide information on the Scope of Work, Deliverables, Evaluation Process, and Application process.

Questions concerning this Request for Proposal may be submitted via email to the following email address: with YHDP RFP Question noted on the subject line.

The Scope of Work and Deliverables:

The selected Applicant will undertake and lead the following activities in order to develop the Region 6 Youth Homeless Demonstration Program (YHDP) Community Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness. Please note that this list is not comprehensive: activities and required deliverables may change during the course of the project.

Scope of Work

1. Review Youth Homelessness Planning and Programs
• Review the Region 6 YHDP application and supporting documents.
• Participate in Region 6 YHDP Lead team, Regional team, and Youth Action Board meetings to assess current practices and system processes.

2. Catalog Existing Resources for Homeless Youth and Young Adults
• Inventory current programs in resources with the Region 6 area that includes Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, and Tuscarawas County to help the Regional partners understand the scope and availability of resources targeting youth homelessness.
• Prepare a Youth Homelessness systems map.

3. Define the Problem(s)
• Compile, Review, and analyze data within the Region 6 area to develop baseline data and metrics for gaps analysis, identification of special populations that are at greater risk of becoming homeless, community plan development, regional capacity building, and youth leadership development.

4. Identify Gaps in Housing, Emergency Shelter, Services and other programs related to Youth.

5. Coordinate YHDP work groups to assist in gap analysis and plan development with a focus Youth Action Board involvement for a one year period. Attend weekly work group meetings with CAA and Technical Assistance providers.

6. Provide technical assistance related to youth collaboration planning and building capacity to enhance youth involvement.


The primary deliverable for this planning process will be the Written YHDP Coordinated
Community Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness within the Region 6 Communities. This will include a written work plan that identifies activities, tasks, timelines, responsibilities, and resources based on items proposed.

1. Create a Written Action Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness In addition to the items noted above, a draft Acton Plan must be submitted for review by the YHDP team and Youth Action Board before December 9, 2019
• Collect data and perform analysis to inform strategies, policies, and partnerships that will reduce the number of homeless youth and young adults within Region 6.
• Make recommendations for the development of a comprehensive, coordinated youth-focused homeless response system informed by best practices.
• Establish clear goals, measurable outcomes and system performance metrics in order to track progress in implementing the plan.
• Recommend capacity building and resource development strategies to ensure that the plan will achieve its outcomes and have a demonstrable impact within Region 6.

2. Create an Initial Work Plan for the Planning Process
• An initial work plan that identifies the task, timelines, responsibilities and responsible parties pertaining to the development of the YHDP Coordinated Community Plan for Region 6.


The CAA will evaluate applications and select a valid proposal utilizing the following criteria after it is has been determined the application includes all required responses:

• Demonstrated successful performance of substantially similar work. (up to 30 points);
• Staff experience and qualifications (up to 30 points);
• Demonstrate ability and commitment to established timelines (up to 30 points); • Rate reasonableness and overall cost of service (up to 10 points).

Application Process

Applicants should submit a concise proposal that describes your organization and relevant experience along with explaining your approach to fulfilling the scope of work.

Your Proposal should be organized in the following order:

A. Introduction Exhibit A
a. Provide an overall introduction of the Applicant that includes a statement of the Applicant’s interest in the project, vision for a successful Plan and relevant professional activities.

b. Provide a description of the Applicant’s organization structure, list of key personnel and their qualifications to work on the proposed project. Indicate the primary contact person for this proposal as well as the primary contact for the Project.

c. Provide resumes for Key Project Personnel.

B. Relevant Experience Exhibit B
a. Detail professional experience providing technical assistance to other organizations to develop a plan to prevent and end homelessness for youth and young adults or other vulnerable populations.

b. Detail experience working with agencies or organizations serving homeless or at-risk youth and young adults.

c. Detail experience in gathering and analyzing data on homeless, and in development metrics to track and measure progress in reducing homelessness.

C. Response to Scope of Work Exhibit C
Explain how you will meet and/or exceed our needs according to the scope of work provided within this RFP. Please address the following:

a. Methodology: Provide a clear summary of the methodology to be utilized in the development of the YHDP Coordinated Community Plan, including but not limited to data, gaps analysis; stakeholder engagement; evidence-based practices to address gaps; youth leadership development, identification of special populations; and other relevant action items intended to create a coordinated system focused on preventing and ending youth homelessness.

b. Scope of Work and Deliverables: Provide a clear response to work listed as “Scope of Work and Deliverables”. Provide a concise work plan of documents to be delivered, including a time schedule. The time schedule must include but not limited to the date available to begin working on the project, completion of a Draft
Coordinated Community Plan available by December 19, 2019 to be presented to the governing entities of the local YHDP, Final DRAFT of Coordinated Plan completion date of December 28, 2019 for HUD submission and Final Coordinated Plan completion date of April 29, 2020.

c. Evaluation: Provide a clear description of how the impact of the plan will be evaluated, including metrics demonstrating the effectiveness of activities outlined in the plan. Evidence to be evaluated may include, but is not limited to: system reforms that reduce reliance on adult or family shelters; residential capacity increased; policy, budgetary or program reforms resulting from the plan.

D. Statement of Commitment Exhibit D
a. Provide a written Statement of Commitment on letterhead and signed by an authorized representative that includes the following:
• Statement of interest and commitment to completing the project and adhering to established timelines and one year service contact
• Statement of willingness to enter into a contract for services with payment for services dependent upon deliverables and provide the proposed contract price for the one year service period. (Note: the contract price under this RFP will not exceed $35,000)
• Certify your company name is not identified in the federal System for Award Management (SAM) as an entity excluded from receiving federal contracts, subcontracts, or federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits and this it is not otherwise debarred, suspended, or been declared ineligible to receive federal contracts. I understand that I may need an active registration at before entering into a contract.
• Certify you understand the evaluation criteria established within the Request for Proposal.
• Certify you will provide a fully executed W-9 form and any required documents at the time of contract signing.
• Indicate the contact information for the primary person responsible for the preparation of the application to the RFP.