For Immediate Release

Date:         February 7, 2020

Contact:   Shari Green

Transportation Director, CARTS 330-424-4015

Or              Deborah Hill, Mobility Manager 330-870-4345


Subject:  Ohio Celebrates Transportation Investment through Ohio Loves Transit Week

Local agencies will celebrate riders and how a $105 million statewide investment is improving mobility access through events, free rides.

 COLUMBUS, OH…Ohio Loves Transit – that’s why state lawmakers invested $105 million in state transit system funding. Area agencies will be celebrating that investment and highlighting how transit is the strong economic and social engine of communities through the Ohio Public Transit Association’s (OPTA) Ohio Loves Transit Week from Feb 10-14, 2020. During this week, participating local transit agencies will be highlighting how their systems are enhancing mobility for all. In Columbiana County,” OHIO LOVES TRANSIT DAY “will be celebrated with transit customers on Valentine’s Day, Friday, Feb.14, 2020. On this day all riders of public transit will be given Valentine’s and a treat. Also on Feb. 14, 2020 rides on the Make the Connection Shuttle will be free, and Mayor Greg Bricker of East Liverpool will be riding the Shuttle from 9:24 am until 10:54 am, one Shuttle “loop”, to meet the riders and learn more about the critical need for funding and support of public transit systems in our county.

Community Action Rural Transit System (CARTS), operating both the rural transit system for Columbiana County and the Make the Connection Shuttle System, is striving to meet ever-increasing mobility needs providing safe, affordable, efficient and fully coordinated public transportation for everyone within Columbiana County and the surrounding communities.  CARTS and the Make the Connection Shuttle provide more than 7000 rides a month (more than 84,000 rides per year and increasing). They drive more than one MILLION miles per year which are over 84,000 miles a month.

CARTS and the Shuttle provide a vital link to social services, medical resources, food, jobs and other quality of life leisure activities for persons of low income, seniors, disabled persons, veterans and the general public as a whole. EVERYONE CAN RIDE CARTS AND THE MAKE THE CONNECTION SHUTTLE. With the vulnerable populations in our county growing, and the general public taking better advantage of public transit options, the need for all these services, and more, has increased. Both urban and rural transit agencies alike are working tirelessly to ensure all citizens have access to the transportation services they need to remain an active part of their community. Among the initiatives for 2020 in Columbiana County is the beginning of Saturday service on the East Liverpool – Calcutta Make the Connection Shuttle (March 7, 2020), and the expansion of the Make the Connection Shuttle program to other areas of the county. There will be more information on all these new programs as they get closer to their start date.

For more information about transit options please contact the Mobility Manager at 330-870-4345.