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Agency Mission:

To assist county residents who are low-income, elderly, or disabled achieve self-sufficiency and enjoy a better quality of life.


Federal Poverty Guidelines

HEAP Application form (pdf)


Home Energy Assistance Program

HEAP provides low-income Ohioans with the assistance to meet the high cost of home heating during the winter months. Regular HEAP provides eligible households with vouchers for bulk fuel or a discount on metered utilities for a three month period during the winter months. Priority is given to people who are elderly or have disabilities.

housingEmergency HEAP provides assistance to households that have had utilities disconnected, face disconnection, or have a ten day or less supply of bulk fuel. Eligible households must have incomes at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Emergency assistance is available from November through March.

2013-Summer Crisis Program

The Office of Community Assistance (OCA) will fund the 2013 Summer Crisis Program (SCP) for
operation from July 1, 2013 through August 31, 2013. The program will provide cooling assistance to
households with incomes up to 175% of the 2013 Federal Poverty Guidelines (see attached), and with
a member age 60 or older, or with a documented, qualifying medical condition.


Customers with a medical condition classified as CHRONIC by a licensed physician or registered nurse
practitioner must resubmit medical documentation once every three years. For others with a medical
condition, an OCA approved Medical Eligibility Form issued no more than 30 days prior to the date of
the SCP application must be provided. The Form should state, "Due to an illness, this client would
benefit from continued electric service."

Maximum Benefits

The maximum SCP benefit for customers will be $175. The maximum
benefit for customers served by rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities will be $250.
Please note that OCA will automatically create a 2014 HEAP application for each
customer when a 2013 SCP application is created. An income eligible applicant/household must meet the 2013 Poverty Income Guidelines and
one ofthe following criteria: ·
a) a member Who has an illness that would benefit from assistance, verified by physician
documentation or
b) a member who is sixty (60) years of age or older.

Eligible applicant/households may qualify for one or a combination of the following, not to
exceed the total benefit(s) as stated in Section 3 above:

ONE air conditioner and/or fan(s) provided that the household has not received an
air conditioner and/or fan from HEAP/SCP in 2010, 2011 or 2012. For example, if
a household received an air conditioner and/or fan(s) in the summerof 2010 then the
household is NOT eligible to have another air-conditioner and/or fan(s) until the
summer of 2014;

and/or ONE payment. One-time payment benefits can be used for the follpwing:
Current Balance, Total Balance, 1st PIPP Plus Payment or those PIPP Plus customers in crisis (PIPP default).
Deposits for New Accounts, Transfer, and Reconnect Fee. Please note if the maximum energy
assistance benefit is not sufficient to restore or continue service. documentation that
the customer has made a co-payment must be obtained prior to processing the SCP
application .

assistance providing an air conditioner, fan and/or the electric bill must take place at
the same time; and,

residents with a tenant-based HUD Sectlon 8 housing subsidy are eligible if the
electric bill is in their name, but residents of any licensed medical facility (hospital,
skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility), publicly operated community
residence (YMCA), boarding/rooming houses, group homes or emergency shelter
are INELIGIBLE. If the electric bill is not in the tenant's name, the tenant cannot
receive utility assistance, an air conditioner, and/or fan(s). Private housing {not in
HUD Section 8 Housing) residents who rent from private landlords do not need a
statement from the landlord if the bill is in the landlord's name and the customer is
responsible for the bill.

Households in the above categories do NOT have to be enrolled in PIPP Plus; however. an
alternate payment plan should be offered.

Determine applicants to be eligible if their household incomes are at or below 175% of the 2013
Federal Poverty Guidelines listed below:

Size of Household Total Household Annual Past Three Months
Income Income
1 $20,107.50 $5,026.88
2 $27,142.50 $6,785.63
3 $34,177.50 $8,544.38
4 $41,212.50 $10,303.13
5 $48,247.50 $12,061.88
6 $55,282.50 $13,820.63
7 $63,317.50 $15,579.38
8 $69,352.50 $17,338.13

For households with more than eight members, add $7,035 per member for twelve months or
$1,758.75 for three months. The period to be used in determining annual income must not be
more than twelve months, or less than the ninety-day period preceding the request for
assistance by the household.

New PIPP Guidelines

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