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The mission of the CAA is to provide affordable, comprehensive, and quality services that will strengthen the community and lead to self-sufficiency.

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CAA has a strict policy prohibiting smoking in any building or on any grounds.

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from Carol Bretz, Executive Director

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry!

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the HungryYou may have seen this logo previously, but you will be seeing more of it on 4 CARTS busses. The ads were installed at the beginning of October. This project has been very interesting and rewarding for the CAA and the Columbiana County Dept. of Job & Family Services. Both of our agencies operate food pantries and it has been a challenge to provide meat as we must raise the funds for meat. The CAA is able to purchase other food items at a significant discount from the Second Harvest Food Bank in Youngstown. Unfortunately, meat is not often available so we were buying it from local grocers at the full retail price.

Staff from the two agencies discussed the possibility of setting up a deer donation program to make use of a local and renewable natural resource in early 2006. We had some discussions with members of the Columbiana County Federation of Conservation Clubs which turned out to be a wise investment of our time. These hunters, who subsequently agreed to sit on a committee to help us plan the program, suggested we go online and check for existing programs rather then “reinvent the wheel”.


Poverty "at a glance" in Columbiana County, Ohio

Columbiana County is one of Ohio’s 29 Appalachian counties and shares many socioeconomic indicators with the other 29 counties. Columbiana County’s historical economic dependence on manufacturing resulted in an economy that was not diverse and increasingly vulnerable to globalization. When area steel mills began closing in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the county’s economy went into a tail spin from which it has never fully recovered. Even so, manufacturing remained a significant economic engine for the county as the number of manufacturing jobs continued to decline.